Cindi Major, DNP

Cindi Major, DNP is a provider at the Chetopa Community Clinic. She has worked in health care for over 35 years and just recently finished her doctorate degree.
The clinic serves all age groups from children to the geriatric population. The clinic is open Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM , located at the 429 Maple Street in Chetopa.
Cindi shared the staff is from the local community. "It is always nice to come in and see a smiling face in our facility."
"In the past nurse practitioners have not always been utilized to the maximum that they are now. In most areas the rural health care clinics have provided a means for us as nurse practitioners to get in there and become involved the local community, who otherwise don't have physicians or even facilities available to them." "So I feel we are doing a great service to the community by having the clinic and it is available to the community." " We want to have the atmosphere that people can come and not feel intimidated. They can ask me any question they want to ask."

Part of the process used by nurse practitioners is evidence based protocol. This is information that has been studied and researched over hundreds of years. This information has been compiled and helps with making some clinical decisions.

One role of the nurse practitioner is to provide patient education, counseling and health care strategies to maintain the patients health. " I am a firm believer that if patients understand the reasoning behind why we are doing a certain treatment, that helps the patient understand it. It also encourages the patient to be compliant with that and ultimately provide better health care for them."
To learn more about the Chetopa Community Clinic call 620-236-7351 or stop in and visit with one of the staff at 429 Maple in Chetopa. The clinic is open Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

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