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Oswego Community Hospital provides laboratory services to inpatients and outpatients. Laboratory tests check a sample of your blood, urine, or body tissue and analyze the results. The results are sent to your physician who ordered the tests. These tests help your physician in diagnosing your medical condition or ruling out certain conditions. The hospital can perform many tests in house and those that have to be sent out to a bigger laboratory the hospital uses LabCorp as our reference laboratory.

New chemical analyzer installed at Oswego Community Hospital
Oswego Community Hospital installed a Beckman Coulter chemical analyzer to increase the number of laboratory tests it will be able to deliver to the patients of the hospital and the 3 community clinics it operates.
The new machine has a wider range of tests including a C-reactive protein (CRP) test. It can help doctors determine your risk for heart disease or stroke.
Additionally the new testing for CRP is also effective for autoimmune arthritis, lupus, infections, and others. This test will be useful to Dr. Shashank B. Radadiya, MD the rheumatologist who is working with the hospital and community clinics.
Katee Camus a laboratory technician is in training in Anaheim California. Cassidy Wimp and Linda Vaugn are also laboratory technicians and are assisting with the installation. Jessica Mayfield the new Laboratory Director will also be going for training during the summer of 2017.



Full Service Laboratory

Enjoy the benefits of a state of the art CLIA certified lab without the long wait and the long drive.
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