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The mission of Oswego Community Hospital's Occupational Therapisty department is to provide clinical and preventive services for customers, decrease injury and illness rates at workplaces, increase employee health and productivity, and decrease workers compensation costs.

Services Offered by Occupational Therapy:

Initial Treatment and Management of Injuries
Typical injury case would consist of evaluation, treatment and management.  Priority in returning employee back to work as soon as possible.  Drug and alcohol screen.

New Employee Examinations (Pre-Employment)
Tailored to individual employer needs.  Typically would be a health history, immunization update, tuberculosis skin test, drug test and any type of medical surveillance exam.

Medical Surveillance Examinations
If your employees are subjected to specific types of hazards in their work environment, medical surveillance testing is provided to ensure the protection of their health.  Employees that may require medical surveillance  include workers with high exposure rates (lead, noise, hazardous and biological waste).  Provide baseline information on an employee prior to reporting to work, which can then be used as a comparison for future exams.

An important way to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases is through immunizations.  A variety of immunizations are provided.  Flu shots are available each year.

Urine Drug Screening
Urine drug screenings can be an effective tool to limit the use of illicit drugs and providing a drug-free workplace.  Drug screening may be performed during a pre-placement evaluation, for cause, or randomly for client comparisons.

On-Site Services
Many of the programs could be delivered on-site if facilities are available.  By having our staff going directly to your business, employers would save on employee travel time and lost time from work.

Customized Services
Clients can be surveyed concerning the provisions of specialized services that may suit their needs and can be developed.

Managed Care (Major injury or illness)
Through the managed care program, your employee will have a trained staff member oversee the case from injury to resolution.   Case managers will plan, seek and monitor services for your employee.  Managing the healthcare and resources can produce an astounding savings in the costs to the company.

There are a number of services that can assist in preventing injury or illness.  Hearing tests, lung tests, and dietary consults are some ways.

Occupational Health Physician
We can provide a physician to oversee and care for your employees and follow up visits.  Dr Kern is our designated Occupational Health Physician. 
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