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Jill Blankinship is a licensed Social Worker, Case Manager, Swing Bed Coordinator and Marketer at our hospital; and recently celebrated her 6th year of working at Oswego Community Hospital and Clinics.

Are you planning for surgery and know you will need a place to recover/rehab before you go home?
Call Jill, she will talk you through the process of how to come to our Swing Bed Program after your acute hospital stay.

Are you looking for services for your loved one who is already in a hospital, and you would like them to recover/rehab in Oswego?
Tell the hospital to call Jill; she will then work with the hospital to assess your needs and ensure you will qualify for our Swing Bed Program.

Are you trying to find services in your area?
Call Jill. She will open her big book of resource information; make phone calls to find resources; and do whatever it takes to find the help you need.

As our social worker, Jill helps patients by assessing their needs; discussing concerns related to returning home; help them with completing advanced directives (living will, health care power of attorney, etc); listening; helping them understand their care, their needs, and working on their behalf as a patient advocate (ensuring their rights to make decisions/choices, etc); and arranging for home services and home equipment, as needed.

As a case manager, Jill heads our care planning team, insures that patients continue to have a skilled need for our Swing Bed Program,
As our swing bed coordinator, Jill works with area hospitals to coordinate admission into our Swing Bed Program. Jill works with our medical practitioners to ensure patients qualify for our swing bed program and are stable enough to transfer to our care.

As the hospital’s marketer, Jill goes out into the community and the four-state area to tell people and medical professionals about our services.

Jill earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Work at Pittsburg State University, and a Masters in Counseling at Kansas State University. She has worked as a social worker in a variety of medical environments: acute care, transitional care, sub-acute, rehab units, traumatic brain injury unit, and nursing homes.

Jill and her husband, Dave, and their son, Trevor, moved back to Oswego from California in 2004 to be near her father, Jerry Barnard. At home, Jill and Dave have a German Shepherd Dog named Crusoe, and a Tuxedo Cat named Miss Kitty. Their son, Trevor, works for the parks department at the City of Oswego.  In her spare time, Jill enjoys traveling, sitting on the back deck listening to nature, and cooking/baking. Jill is also president of Friends Of Oswego Library, and is a hospice volunteer.

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