7/13/2018 - Free sports physicals. Stop in one of our convenient community clinics Monday-Friday 9:00 - 5:00 Chetopa - Oswego - Parsons. Enjoy your summer and get ready for the big game.


10/11/2017 - Vicki and Ron have lived in the Oswego area for fifty years.

"We think this is one of Oswego's best kept secrets. We have been here to visit people on one side of the facility but never on the other side of the facility.  So! When we found out it existed of course this is where we wanted to come."

Vicki and Ron wanted a rehab program that would allow them to return home. After being dismissed for a regional facility they found they were not prepared for going home.

"This was more than you could expect" Vicki shared.  "We loved how we were able to get in the program. Monday morning Ronnie was at the Hospital by noon we had everything and came to the hospital on Tuesday."

Ronnie explained how important it was for them to be in rehab, "When we came here she could not raise her legs. Now she can raise both. The rehab people here are phenomenal. The staff has been 150% above what you would expect. This is in small town USA. This is Oswego's best kept secret."

9/18/2017 -
Many people from area communities enjoyed a wonderful morning last Thursday at Oswego Community Hospital’s Health Fair “Local Care here for You,.” The hospital offered free labs, free breakfast, blood pressure checks, door prizes, and local agencies presented information on their services.

Fifty-four participants came from all over the area: Altamont, Chetopa, Columbus, Loveland Colorado, Mound Valley, Oswego, Parsons, and Pittsburg to take part in the health fair. The free breakfast included beverages, a choice of bacon or sausage with either biscuits and sausage gravy, or biscuits and eggs. The free lab work included Lipid Panel (HDL, Cholesterol, Trigliceride) and Glucose (Blood Sugar); no doctor’s order was required, and results were mailed directly to the participant’s home address. Agencies who attended included Chetopa Manor, HomeTown Health Care, Oswego Home Place, and Oswego Nursing and Rehab.

To stay informed on activities and services at Oswego Community Hospital, like their facebook page: Oswego Community Hospital; or go to their website: www.oswegocommunityhospital.com. The hospital also distributes informational flyers about the hospital and about local community events; these flyers are provided to area grocery stores and other businesses, to hand out to their customers.

Oswego Community Hospital is a 12 bed Critical Access Hospital located in the southeast corner of Kansas bordering Missouri and Oklahoma. The hospital has three clinics located in Oswego, Chetopa and Altamont. The hospital offers a broad range of services and is committed to making life better for our patients and the community, including the swing bed program (recovery and rehabilitation following surgery or illness) and in-patient and out-patient therapy services. You will find caring, competent staff in a friendly home town atmosphere ready to care for your needs.


8/29/2017 - No doubt a donut or two will get your blood sugar going places. But you can have a rise after you have coffee -- even black coffee with no calories -- thanks to the caffeine.

The same goes for black tea, green tea, and energy drinks. Each person with diabetes reacts to foods and drinks differently, so it's best to keep track of your own responses.

Ironically, other compounds in coffee may help prevent type 2 diabetes in healthy people.  Join us for this year's "Local Care here for You" the Health Fair at Oswego Community Hospital on September 14th.

We will have coffee and breakfast for you after you have your tests. This no cost Health Fair is a free service of Oswego Community Hospital.

8/28/2017 -

Oswego Community Hospital presents Local Care here for You a community health fair.  

The event will be on September 14, 2017 beginning at 7: 00 am and lasting till 10:00 am.


8/4/2017 -

Poke a friend about...

August is Immunization Awareness Month.

Everyone needs to stay current with our shots.  Vaccinations are critical to staying well and preventing the spread of diseases. It is not a surprise the adult vaccination rate remains low.

As moms and dads we want our kids vaccinated  but refuse vaccinations for ourselves. Some folks fear vaccinations may cause illness for example or autism in children. These are concerns that have been widely and scientifically discredited. With rare exceptions, vaccines are safe.

Oswego Community Hospital and community clinics are ready to help get you and your family up to date on vaccinations. The clinics are providers for the Vaccines For Children (VFC) program.

The goal of the program is to help protect Kansas children from vaccine preventable diseases by successfully immunizing them by age 2.


7/24/2017 - The Fair is in full swing in Oswego for the Labette County Fair. Thank you goes to the 280 "Kiddos" of all ages that stopped by and got a hot dog and chips. Some of the fair group told us about the bird houses they built, the rabbits they are trying to keep cool, the goats, pigs and bucket calves they had at the fair.

Thanks goes out to Jennifer Smith the Dietary Director at the Oswego Community Hospital for having all the supplies we needed. Tom Pryor was a hot dog cooking professional by the time we got done. Dana Kabrey, Barbara Long and Debbie Chavez kept everything clean and served as fast as the 60" inch grill would cook. All and all it was a fantastic day to be at the fair. read more...

7/14/2017 -

Oswego Community Hospital is installing a Beckman Coulter chemical analyzer to increase the number of laboratory tests it will be able to deliver to the patients of the hospital and the 3 community clinics it operates.

The new machine has a wider range of tests including a C-reactive protein (CRP) test. It can help doctors determine your risk for heart disease or stroke.



7/13/2017 - Bertie Davis and family in memory of her husband Jimmy Davis presented the Oswego Community Hospital with blue lift slings that fits on the current adaptive lift equipment and new bedding for the patients at the hospital. read more...

7/13/2017 -

 Benjamin Blake, PA-S is a student from the Kansas City area. He is currently in his first round of clinical rotation working at the Oswego Community Clinic. Ben knew from a young age that medicine was an important part of his calling in life. When you ask him how he wants people to know him it is more than on a professional level.

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