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Benjamin Blake, PA-S


 Benjamin Blake, PA-S is a student from the Kansas City area. He is currently in his first round of clinical rotation working at the Oswego Community Clinic. Ben knew from a young age that medicine was an important part of his calling in life. When you ask him how he wants people to know him it is more than on a professional level.

"My role in the community when I get out school, since I am a Physician's Assistant, allows me to connect with people and that is how I connect with the community. Oh that's Ben Blake the PA at the clinic. "

Ben went to Bible high school in Independence before starting College in the Kansas City. "I always knew I wanted to get into health care. I just didn't know where. My mom was a Registered Nurse. She did foster care, respite care and all these things so I knew that was my calling in life, but I just didn't know where."

Ben tried dental school but thought it was limiting. Then he spent some time his junior year with Marc Hoffmeister a PA at the Cherryvale Clinic. Mark is also a part of the Oswego Community Hospital. "As soon as I spent some time around him I knew I wanted to be a PA. His ability to connect with people, the time he got to spend with people, hooked me. I started looking at schools. Applied. I got in and now I am here."

" I am from Oswego and that is what brought me back. I wanted to come back home. We have to do a required rural rotation. So I go to school in Kansas City. The city life is completely different than a life back here."

Benjamin plans to come back to the Southeast Kansas area once he is out of school and practice medicine. Rather than do a random rural rotation it was important to be in the area he plans to practice and be a good provider. "I don't think you can be a good provider in any realm unless you connect with your patient. When people talk about good doctors, bad doctors, good PAs or bad PAs they are rarely talking about the surgery you did or the illness you cured them of.

They are talking about how well they connected with you. How he was a great PA. He listened to me. He was carrying. He was loving." "They didn't say, Oh ya, 'He sutured me up really well. He really cured my strep throat. They talk about that bond that you form with them. Unless you connect with people I feel like you can't be a good PA or practitioner of any kind .

" How affective is health care when you take the time to connect? Benjamin explained how people will let you know. Either by the expressions on their faces. "You can see it in your patients faces. And in a rural clinic they let you know. 'I was so worried about this. I feel better when I leave.' Knowing you had that impact on their lives makes it a good day."

"Medicine in the city is different. You don't see a lot of the same patients over again. In a rural clinic we might see them weekly or monthly. You can follow up and get to know that person. People come in you see their faces. In the city you look at the charts. It's not the same connection. It's not the same relationship."

"That separates rural medicine from urban medicine."
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